Electric Ink

I was introduced to Electric Ink about 8 years ago by Jime Litwalk. And I can honestly say I was hooked from the first tattoo I did with them. 

 About two years later, Jime and I went to Brazil. Firstly for me to Meet Paulo Fernando in person, and to have my first production machine made by Electric Ink. That week, two very important things happened. The "BrickHouse" was born (My first coil production machine), and we conceived the pallet for our Easy Glow line of pigments. 

 I used the Easy Glow line exclusively for the past 6 years. And can honestly say that its the best tattoo pigment I've ever used. Great color range, consistent thickness, easy to put in the skin, & heals wonderfully. Above all else, I've seen the tattoos years later, and the pigment holds up fantastic. 

  Now that Electric Ink is here in the U.S. I don't feel the need to import Easy Glow any longer. So we've discontinued the Easy Glow line, and I've switched over to Electric Ink. The benefits are all of the above, with an even more extensive color range. 

 I think it should be said that this relationship with Paulo, his company Electric Ink and myself did not start as a "company sponsorship". This is a friendship, and a respect for the man, that has turned into a fantastic business relationship. Electric Ink is a company, and a Pigment brand I greatly, and happily support. I recommend you give them a try. I can pretty much guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

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