TV guide piece

Well, as many of ya's know. The Second season of Best Ink, has officially started. Heres a small piece that TV guide did on it this week. The interview was conducted while the interviewer got his tattoo from me. Prior to the appointment day. I was informed that Damien Holbrook (the reporter), had a handful of tattoos, and was interested in getting a Keith Haring tattoo. I thought it would be keen to mix his style, and my own. Creating a real individual piece. Heres the original concept sketch. But after having spoken to Damien, I thought that a simpler image was a bit more him. So I took just a small piece of my original concept (based very much on mr. Haring), and ran with that. We had a real nice conversation, and here's the end result. Thanks for making the trip, and the fine words Damien.

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