Tue, 02/03/2009 - 18:03

Ok Well, here I am about to post my very first Blog. This is a chore that I fought with for many weeks. But  Im hoping by trying to upkeep this blog, and post my art on a more than regular basis, it kinda lights a fire under my ass, and well, I create a bit more, &  you see more of my art. 

 So what ya have here are several images of my latest project. Up top you have my weapons of choice. A Badger Velocity, and an Iwata Micron C. 
  Bellow is my less than orderly work station. I stock a shit ton of both Holbien, and Golden airbrush acrylics. 
   The Image is one of two sketches I started for a tattoo last week. I liked em so much I've chosen to paint them, starting with this lil lady.  Keep an eye peeled for more coming soon (hopefully tomorrow evening). 

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